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Anne & Kristof

Warm and sunny October wedding at Rila Erleben, Stemwede, Levern

This groom’s smile is just contagious. His happiness spreads to everyone around him. It is wonderful to see such a cute couple getting married after many years. On their special day I met the two of them while they were getting ready and can you believe it the mother of the bride didn’t just made a dress for herself and the sister of the bride, she also made the wedding dress – and wow what a dress it was! And what a lovely figure the bide has! Stunning!

The sister did the make-up, the father peaked through the window and grandma gave the bride her necklace.

Everyone was ready for the ceremony at Rila Erleben. Outside under some grapevines were friends and family watching the two getting married. Even if it was the first of October it was warm enough for this outside ceremony and I can always deeply recommend it! Not only photographically speaking it offers many opportunities but also for the whole atmosphere it is wonderful.

We raised the glasses to them still outside when the sun decided to come out and had another amazing wedding-cake. I loved that this year people seamed to prefer fresh creams and fresh fruits on their cakes. I had to have a piece of every flavour – there were three. Me and my assistant were very happy…

We lost a bit track of time, so we had to do the bride and groom shoot quite quickly before the sun would set. But I think we managed to do some of the most wonderful pictures! I just love the portraits in front of the fir tree.

The celebration continued inside the building with some games, yummy food, a stunning view, speeches and games and then of course the dancing.

Thanks again you two!

More pictures in the gallery

A quick shout out to the location: Rila Erleben

I can truly recommend it! It offers so many opportunities photography wise but also for the whole celebration. It makes the wedding unique and interesting. You can have an outside ceremony and celebrate inside with a wonderful view. There are many different options and it is not far from Minden.

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Hedda & Farhad

September wedding at the lake house, Landhaus am See, Garbsen.

I hadn’t met Hedda and Farhad before and like with every couple if they live nearby we try to meet and chat about the wedding and photography process in a personal meeting. They heard about me through a friend and so it was important to me to make a good impression.

They arrived at my place, we chatted, we realised we all loved Chucks and that my dog was from Hedda’s home town Leer– and so we bonded :-D I remember thinking afterwards, that I would really like to photograph their wedding and when I opened my mails in the evening – I had a mail from them that was written from inside the car just a few minutes away from my home and they had already decided and really excited to have me at their wedding. I was so happy! Most of the times you just click with your bride and groom and then you just know everything will work out fine.

And so it did. I mean yes this whole year the weather on Saturdays wasn’t the nicest but after a couple of rainy weddings I was happy to have a dry summer’s day.

So in September we met again for their wedding. I met Hedda for her preparations at the wonderful lake house Landhaus am See in Garbsen, then she got surprised with an amazing vintage car to take her to the church. And later we all went back to the lake house to celebrate.

It was a wonderful mix of cultures, welcoming families, a lot of doctors, a typical American/German candy bar a Persian style candy bar, lots of dancing and yummy yummy food.

Honestly I have never had a better dessert than this wonderful yogurt ice-cream with the honey and crumbs… I ate so much I might had to dance it off a little.

Thank you H&F for having me and welcoming me so warmly.

See more in the gallery here.

I think you have the coolest double exposure picture… but don’t tell my other bride and groom.


thea & andree Kopie



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Thea & Andree

Lovely summer wedding at Hof Frien in Minden.

Almost ten years ago Thea and my way parted for different future visions. It wasn’t intentional it was just after school and life took us different ways. While I went away to see the world Thea met Andree, got hitched on Sylt, had two adorable two boys and finally after all these years had her white dress, church-wedding. And it just so happened that when I moved back to Minden two years ago she and I met again and it was as though no time had passed. Clearly it has but we could just reconnect where we left off. And so I was the photographer at their wedding but also later changed into my dress and danced the night away.

And what a day it was. Fashionable late from the hair dresser we only had 15 minutes at Thea’s mom’s home to get her dresses but once we arrived the the church and the sun shined down on us everything was just fine. Cute little boys with curly hair ran around an eagerly excited husband. The two got married in the little chapel some of my followers may already know and it is one of my favourites because yes it has blue doors but also the inside is so cosy and pretty.

After a bit of champaign, some flying doves and balloons the newly-weds and I left for our couple-shoot in the cutest little Käfer-Cabrio. We drove right in the nature in little Petershagen, took some photos and enjoyed the calm. I just love how the veil was flying.

Then we head to Hof Frien (Just the first of my many weddings there this year) for the party. Some group-pictures, some welcome-games and some drinks later we all danced the night away.

And then later I will always remember we had the best ever (Sorry everybride-and-groom-else) THE BEST WEDDIND-CAKE EVER! It was a super fresh strawberry-cake and it was sooo yummy – I couldn’t believe it and may have eaten way too much of it.

For all the Mindeners getting married – the cake was from the café novecento

Dear Thea & Andree thank you for having me

to many more years with you

continue having the cutest babies

See you at our next breakfast Thea

Hope you all like the pictures!

More in the gallery here



  • Kristina - Liebe Nora

    Tolle Bilder zu einer wunderbaren Hochzeit! Vielen Dank, dass Du uns noch einmal mit zurückgenommen hast!

    Viele Grüße

    • nora_jenny_berg@web.de - Danke liebe Kristina, es freut mich sehr, dass euch die Fotos in Erinnerungen schwelgen lassen :-)ReplyCancel

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Lena & Adrian

This wedding season started at the end of April with Lena & Adrian. And what a day we had. The bride wore a wonderful colourful wedding dress with little flowers on the skirt and a very playful lace top. Perfect to add some colour to the pictures.

We met in the Altstadt of little Minden and did some fun photos before the ceremony, with some balloons, the historic background of the old buildings and a surprise visit of a chicken.

The ceremony took place in the little registry office in the Mindener Museum where the two became husband and wife with some small spontaneous speeches and were greeted afterwards with flowers, bubbles and some rain.

We sneaked away to a place nearby where we would have the perfect settings for some lovely pictures of the two. We had my “romantic grass”, some fun with a big old wheel hanging in a big old tree and even a lake. Great great settings and lively shots.

To celebrate and eat we met family and friends at the Hof Frien in Uchte. We took a couple of group shots, ate some yummy food and danced the night away. The newly-weds surprised their guest with some “Lindy hop” dance moves and grandma surprised us all with hers and and an amazing naked wedding cake.

Thank you Lena & Adrian for having me at your wonderful wedding!

And thank you to their family and friends for making me feel so welcome.

You know who I mean – at my table :-)

Hope you all like the pictures!

More in the gallery here

  • Theresia - Die Fotos sind grandios! Es war eine tolle Hochzeit und das kommt auf den Bildern richtig gut rüber. Lena und Adrian strahlen…ReplyCancel

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Girlfriends-Shoot part 2

Here is the second part of the wonderful girlfriends-shoot.

The four are six now. The two babies are born by now, two healthy beautiful girls.

Loved the location, the girls and the light.

The best memory to have for all of them.

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